Healthcare for All

“I want to work with others to create a healthcare system that works for everyone. Having many family members who work in the Medical Field, as both Medical Professionals and Billing/Insurance Professionals I have heard both sides and understand where both sides are coming from, this will help me to shape the debate and create lasting legislation that will help our State.”

What does this state actually mean?

It means I  will look at all possibilities even those I disagree with to see if there is anything that will actually work.

Personally, I am under the philosophy that we need single payer or universal healthcare of some kind. Having studied American History and Political Science I believe the best way to do this is at the State level and not the Federal. We all ready have the infrastructure in place with MinnesotaCare to create a single payer/universal healthcare system in the State of Minnesota. (Having been on MinnesotaCare I can tell you it is a great program that everyone should have access to.)

We need to show the cost benefits of doing this to all parties involved. Insurance companies and healthcare providers.

For healthcare providers it means fewer parties to work with which will allow them to reduce costs in billing by having set prices.

For insurance companies it means using one network of options reducing the need to show profits and truly insuring people.

No matter what option we as a State choose. We need to create a system that provides a way for all to get medical attention and not go into debt.

I look forward to discussing this with all parties involved and with you the people that will truly be affected by the come out.

Em Antin

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