Running For MN House SD63B in 2018

After much thought and debate. Looking at the political environment, and wondering if it was the right time to do so, I have come to the conclusion that I will be running for Minnesota House Seat SD63B in 2018.

You may be wondering, what my platform will be?

My platform will be the following:

Equal Rights for Everyone – This means everyone. Equal Rights for POC, Equal Rights for LGBTQA+, Equal Rights for People with Disabilities. Everyone. Everyone is equal.

Healthcare for All – I want to work with others to create a healthcare system that works for everyone. Having many family members who work in the Medical Field, as both Medical Professionals and Billing/Insurance Professionals I have heard both sides and understand where both sides are coming from, this will help me to shape the debate and create lasting legislation that will help our State.

Education – While I don’t have kids of my own, I do know children are who will be come our leaders and workers after we are gone. We need to create an education system that is tailored to the 21st century student. This means we need to move away from a K -12 system of education and towards a Pre-K through Trade/College Education system. We need to not focus on test scores, but rather how well teachers see students understanding what they are taught. As a student who was not a good test taker I can tell you that the way we teach today, to the test, I would have failed every class but History/Social Studies.

Pay Equal to Cost of Living – Minimum wage must match cost of living. Meaning that if the cost to live is, let’s say $12/hr, that must be the minimum wage. The minimum wage must also be adjust to inflation and this must be writing into law.

Non Union Workers – As someone who has worked in Retail for 15 years. I understand how retailers change schedules, don’t set regular monthly schedules, and guilt you into working when you are sick. Benefits are not universal, sick time can be tied to average hours causing you to lose pay during a week you are sick or coming into work sick when you should stay home. I will work to create better laws for non-union workers, while insuring that union workers still have the same laws that benefit and help them succeed.

The Environment – I am a strong supporter that climate change is a reality and we must do our part to change what we can change. The recent storms we have seen show us it is real. The evidence is all there. We must change how we live. I appreciate everything Jean Wagenius had done as our State Representative and I would look to her for advice and help on this topic.

How can you help?

  1. I need people who are willing to host house parties and help me get signatures so I can submit my name as a candidate.
  2. I need people to volunteer for primary positions on my campaign. Treasure, & Campaign Manager.
  3. Your voice. Speak up. Speak out. Let people know you support me.

Where to go from here?

If you can help or you’re ready to get involved email me at:

Let me know how you can help in the Subject Line: Host House Party, Volunteer, etc.

Closing Thoughts:

Finally why am I running against a great State House Member? It’s because it’s time for change. Rep. Jean Wagenius has been in office since I was 5yrs old. I’m 35. That’s a long time. During that time I moved away from the district and have moved back. I have gone from being a kid to being an adult. She’s done great work! It’s time for a new generation to take the reins from her and continue to do this great work. My running is not to say Representative Wagenius isn’t a great Representative. She is! My running is to say that it’s time for a new generation to give their input in our State Legislature.

Emily Antin

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