The World In Chaos

I have been quite on my blog here as I have been trying to gather my thoughts and speak in a logical way about the current state of the world. However, I have found that there is no way to be logical right now, because logic does not apply.

This is the first time since before the end of WW2. That we as the United States have been unsure of our place in the world. Granted this is the longest time in the history of the modern world that there has been constant communication and active participation of all countries to work together to better the world, and individual groups of people have been the focus of wars (or as we now call it terrorism).

The Roman Empire had similar problems, they call them Barbarians, but the same ideas applied. It was groups of people who felt marginalized from the main cultural of the world at that time and used methods of war against the main people in power.

We have the same thing. Let’s learn from history and not repeat it.

This is the conclusion I have come to. History always repeats itself until we as a species learns not to do it. To respect each other, to let each people/group live how they want to live.

Finally we as people must choose leaders that do this and helps us do this.

Peace, love, joy.

Em Antin

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