Women’s March

imageToday we march. We march for everyone. Every individual of this country. Women, children, men. Every race & creed. Every sexuality, every gender. For all those who saw progress made, not only over the past 8 years, but over the past 240yrs of this country. We start the mission of making sure the ideas of this Republic continue:

1) Life
2) Liberty
3) Pursuit of happiness.

We know that we have not reach our full potential. Many still are not equal, many are still discriminated against. Many still have not had the wrongs done against them recognized. Many of are sisters and brothers will not be able to join us because they do not have the means to do so.

We rally to have our voices heard, but remember that after today we can not just stand ideally by we must continue to speak loud and in one unified voice.

I’ll see you out there today, but hope that I’ll see you out using your voice everyday over the coming years.

Peace, Love, & Joy

Emily Antin

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