11/25/2016 (The Day After Thanksgiving)

Thanksgiving was yesterday, and while many had the privilege to spend the day with their family and friends many in our country did not for various reasons. While the holiday of Thanksgiving in the United States has its baggage it is a holiday, non-the-less, that many like to celebrate in someway.

I know that there are many professions and careers that help make this country run that workers must be prepared to work on this holiday. That is okay, it is part of that profession, and those professions had created ways that all people get their turn at having the holiday of Thanksgiving off (rotating schedules and such). However there is one profession that has now seen fit to say they too should be open on Thanksgiving, a profession that until recent years it was assumed if you were in it you had the day off. That profession is Retail. Major 500 companies have started to see fit to open their doors on Thanksgiving, while I think they have every right to what they see as a way to make money, I also think that worker rights need to be taken into account.

Those rights are that they should be able to have Thanksgiving off. I’m not saying every year, but that employees in those stores should be on a rotating Holidays off schedule like many other professions have (I grew up with a mom that was a nurse and we knew what year was her year to work Thanksgiving and made plans around it. The same can be done for Retail workers). With Retailers being open on Fourth of July, Memorial Day, Labor Day, and now Thanksgiving, it only seems fair that they create a similar system for their year around employees. Rotating holidays (aka. if you work Fourth of July you get Thanksgiving off, vise versa, if you work Memorial Day you get Labor Day off, vise versa. And the following year it changes.) IT WOULDN’T BE THAT HARD!

As you are enjoying your Black Friday Deals, that started on Thanksgiving night, remember workers are not, treat them with respect, remember that retail stores don’t do rotating holidays, so most likely they also have worked Fourth of July, Memorial Day, and Labor Day as well this year, if they didn’t ask for them off six months in advance (and even if they did they may still get schedule to work, their request denied or approved but ignored).

As someone who has worked in retail full time for 12 years and customer service for close to 17 years I just wanted to take a moment and express what an issue this is for many of us that have chosen, whether by chose or circumstances, to be in this profession.

Thank you for your time.

Peace, Love, Joy, and a Happy Thanksgiving.

Emily Antin

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