My Pledge To Republican Friends

I know many people who vote Republican and in a different reality I might actually do so too. I agree with many Republican ideas. Smaller government, doing more with less, State rights over Federal. However a few have spoiled the pot and make it impossible for me to vote Republican (G.O.P.).

If you are one of those I know that vote Republican I have a request of you. You know me, you know I’m a Democratic (DFLer). You know I will go talk with my elected leaders regardless of party to fight to keep my rights I have gained over the past 15 years, but I ask you do the same. You know me, you know Anne, you know that our right to marry will not affect your relationships or your marriage.

As I am fighting, I ask you to join with me. I know many of you worked with me during the Minnesotans United For All Families campaign. It was by working together that we got equal rights for all. So I ask you now that we all work together to keep equal rights for all. Hold the leaders that are elected accountable. Both nationally, state, and locally. I will do the same for all Democratics (DFLers) that hold office. Let’s work together. I pledge that if we find common ground my anger will die and I will see the good that I know we have in the State of Minnesota and this Country we call The United States of America.

Peace, Love, Joy

Emily Antin

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