The Day After

I am still processing what happened yesterday. I know over the next few days I will go through many emotions. Right now I am angry. I am angry because so many people in certain States turned out and voted against me as a person. Saying I am less worthy then them to be an American.

I know many of you will respond and say but Hillary won the popular vote & right there is where we need to think. Why do we still have two different votes being casted? I know that for many they will say “oh your just being a sore loser.” But really I’m not. I want the voice of the American people to be heard. It’s time to change things.

So if your with me then join me as I take up and start my run for a political office. Today I announce it. I will run in 2018. Which office? I have yet to decided but it will happen. The only way I can turn my anger into something good is by this route.

Peace, Love, Joy

Emily Antin


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