Election Day 2016

Okay so it’s Election Day 2016. I don’t care about who you are voting for at this point of this post. I just want you to acknowledge that it is a big day. It is the first time in U.S. history a woman is on the ballot for President of the United States of America. That’s big folks! Wither you are voting for Hillary Clinton or not it’s is a moment many have been waiting for and the fact we have the choice to vote for a major party candidate that is a woman is huge. In the history of this country it was not that long ago that women couldn’t vote and were arrested if they did.

Okay now on to my political view of the situation. This is where I say I’m with her. Why? Because out of all the candidates she is the most qualified to be President. Has she made mistakes? Of course, but what human being hasn’t. We all have made mistakes. What matters is have we learned from them? If in four years we see her making the same mistakes I will be the first to say she should not be our President. So far though, she has shown that she is learning from her mistakes.

With that said, I will say I have supported her for years. She was my candidate of choice in 2008 and I grew up with her as First Lady of this country.  She has been a role model for me and is one of the reasons I think a life in public office is important and why I want to serve in public office someday.

So on this Election Day I am going to say only one more thing. Go Vote! If you don’t vote your voice can’t be heard and you cannot complain that your voice wasn’t heard. Vote! No matter if you candidate wins or loses the only way to ensure that happens is by casting a ballot! We have come a long way and more people then ever have the right to vote. So if you are part of the population that has that right use it! Make your voice heard.

Emily Antin




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