Who Am I?

I am a lifelong resident of the State of Minnesota. I spent my childhood in the Nokomis East Neighborhood and my teenage years South of the River in Burnsville, Eagan, and Apple Valley, graduating from Burnsville High School in 2000.

After high school I continued my education at University of Wisconsin – Whitewater for three years. Studying music, arts management, history, and politics. There, I met one of my best friends, who deepen my understand of disability rights and furthered what I see as equality for everyone.

I left Whitewater in 2003 and finished my undergraduate degree at Metropolitian State University in Saint Paul, MN. I graduated from MetroState in 2006 with an Individualized Studies B.A. focused in Political and Cultural Studies. While at MetroState, I served on the Student Senate. As a Student Senator, I focused on visibility for minorities on and off the campus, this included starting a Diversity Week. During this week we had different speakers, movies and other activities to engage the students on campus and broaden the cultures they were exposed to. My time at MetroState also started my introduction to the world of nonprofits. My internship was with the Sexuality and Gender Studies Office and worked with OutFront MN and PFLAG in helping to create, and serve on, The Minnesota School OUTReach Coalition, a group focused on LGBTQA+ youth outreach.

After college I worked on various campaigns, including the Minnesotans United for All Families campaign. This campaign taught me how to reach across party lines to create lasting legislation for equal rights. Along with working on campaigns I took various retail jobs at many different companies. Both of these experiences taught me what it is like to be a non-union worker and what is expected of you. Long hours, minimum compensation, and ideas of being expected to work sick if and when possible.

In 2012, I moved back to my childhood neighborhood of Nokomis East with my wife, Anne, and started serving on the Nokomis East Neighborhood Association. During my time on the board there were many changes including the firing of the Executive Director, hiring of an Interim Executive Director, and a new permanent Executive Director appointed. This experience made me realize what I want to see in community leaders. I want to see leaders that are engaged in the community where they live and passionate about listening to everyone in that community.

Along with serving on NENA (Nokomis East Neighborhood Association), I have served on the Pedestrian Advisory Committee (P.A.C) for the City of Minneapolis. This committee is responsible for looking at how we can better improve roads in the City of Minneapolis to make them friendly to pedestrians of all ages. During my time on the P.A.C. I made every effort to make sure roads in House District 63B were looked at and improved.

I hope to serve the people of Minnesota State House District 63B with the same passion I did for the people of Nokomis East. I have my own views and opinions of how I think this great State of ours should be run, but I also want to represent your views and opinions while at the State Capitol. I hope I can gain your support and have you be a delegate for me at the Senate Convention on March 24th.


Emily (Em) Antin

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